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about us


Cooking For Cause is a non-profit organization that exists to help feed communities that are struggling to feed themselves and their families. 


You may be glad to know Cooking for Cause organized a wide array of cooking classes and have been scheduling numerous events for charity. We provide excellent support to vulnerable communities and the people who struggle every day with hunger. From September 2020 to October 2020, we were on the mission of offering meal kits and helping the Ekal Foundation in the United States with our charity process.   


Our first meal kit was a special chicken curry with Basmati Rice from the Tabla Indian Restaurant in Orlando, FL. This healthy food was sold for $30 to each visitor at our eating house. Note that all the earnings from our customers were given as a gift to Ekal.   


What we do


We offer life-changing resources such as clean water, food, medical aid, educational opportunities and empowerment in the midst of unthinkable hardships. Our view of poverty is complex and holistic. By inviting them to participate, we pay tribute to the individuals we serve. We are honored to be welcomed into the communities we support and to collaborate closely with local authorities to address their needs with innovative solutions that the communities themselves can carry out sustainably.     


Our Approach 


We believe that poverty is complex and dynamic. We think that overcoming poverty needs more than just offering raw resources. Since we take holistic approach, we aim to address weaker communities in order to end all forms of human poverty. Our programmatic development answers take care of vulnerable people’s relational, spiritual, and physical needs. 


Through deliberate and purposeful community development, we strive for a world free from poverty. Our strategy enables us to collaborate with local leaders to create innovative solutions that are both long-lasting and put into practice by the communities themselves. 


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