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Cooking For Cause.

Cooking for Cause was founded in 2019 by Shivi Jain. She started Cooking for Cause to raise money for Thirst Project to build a freshwater well in Uganda. cooking Classes supported by Shivi and Sahil Jain and Time is donated by Tabla chefs. They taught how to make different authentic dishes every month and charged $25 for two people per class. She raised over $5000 in the span of five months.

However, cooking classes were stopped due to Covid-19. Shivi adapted by baking chocolate lava cakes for Tabla Indian Restaurant and donating the profits to Ekal Vidalaya, an organization that strives to provide education in rural India. Tabla culinary experts, and Scott Joseph did a collaboration in which they taught how to make homemade chicken curry and rice as a way to raise awareness for raising money for Ekal.

Hearing about the Faine House from her mother, Shivi was inspired to help their cause. The Faine House is a transitional living program that helps young adults that exit out of foster care and group care homes transition towards independence. She is partnering with Feed Hunger Now to build a sustainable garden to provide Faine House residents with a healthy and natural diet, and a wonderful mindful, relaxing activity to help ease their anxiety and stress.

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