Cooking for Cause was founded in 2019 by Shivi Jain to serve the most vulnerable people on earth via purposeful relief and development.  

The major challenges facing a community, such as lack of access to water, debilitating socioeconomic problems, and child hunger, are addressed in collaboration with local leaders. 

Thirst Project to Build a Freshwater Well in Uganda

Shivi Jain and Sahil Jain initiated a creative approach to support the Thirst Project’s mission of constructing a freshwater well in Uganda. They organized cooking classes featuring a variety of authentic dishes, with each class admission priced at $25 for two individuals. Through their dedicated efforts, they successfully generated more than $6000 within just five months, demonstrating the power of innovative fundraising for vital causes.

Water Crisis in Uganda
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Raised Money for Ekal Vidyalaya

Ekal Vidyalaya is an organization on a mission to bring basic education to every child across rural India. Shivi baked chocolate lava cakes for Tabla Indian Restaurant and donated the profits to Ekal Vidyalaya. Furthermore, to create awareness for raising money for Ekal, Shivi, and Scott Joseph collaborated together to teach how to make handmade chicken curry and rice.

charity and donation camp at cooking for cause

Charity for Faine House Residents to provide Sustainable Garden

Shivi was motivated to support the Faine House after learning about it from her mother. A transitional living facility called The Faine House helps young adults who leave group homes and foster care in their move to independence. In order to give the residents of Faine House a healthy diet and a relaxing activity to help them relax, she is collaborating with Feed Hunger Now to develop a sustainable garden. 

Charity for Faine House Residents to provide Sustainable Garden
cooking class event image

Cooking for Cause Hosted its first Post-Covid Cooking Class

We are happy to announce that Cooking for Cause Hosted an amazing Cooking Class in Tabla Indian Restaurant Ballroom, a huge success. This remarkable event took place at the spacious and elegant Tabla Indian Restaurant Ballroom, resulting in a resounding success. The event’s success was a collective achievement, highlighting the dedication of our team, the enthusiasm of participants, and the support of our partners. Stay tuned for upcoming Cooking for Cause gatherings that blend the joys of cooking with the power of making a positive impact.
charity and donation camp at cooking for cause

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