The Diwali Event at Tabla Indian Restaurant

Diwali is the most exciting festival celebrated in India, but the festival of lights was extra exceptional this year, thanks to the initiative by Cooking for Cause, who hosted a beautiful event at the Tabla Indian Restaurant Oviedo.

The Diwali event at the restaurant was a massive hit, with loads of people coming in to celebrate the festival, adorned in ethnic attires and traditional jewelry. The Tabla Oviedo was transformed for the festival, covered with lights, garlands, and lanterns, and the restaurant’s floors were uplifted with rangoli mandalas, candles, and diyas.

With just $50 per individual over the age of 9 and half that price for children between 4 and 8, the restaurant celebrated the Diwali event from 7:00 in the evening. The restaurant was filled with warm vibes, and happy faces all around as people joined and partook in various activities and games to keep them entertained throughout the event. From musical chairs to an open DJ floor and mouth-watering delicacies to the charm of Diwali, the event had it all as it celebrated the transformation and good that Cooking for Cause is bringing about across the world, one step at a time.

The lovely ladies and cheerful gentlemen celebrated Diwali and relished the variety of delicacies served by the restaurant that had something for everyone, from vegetarian delights to non-vegetarian ones, savory pani puris to plenty of sweets and salads. Those who attended the event were in awe. One of the attendees said, it was well organized and had the same vibe of festivities they have around Diwali back in India. It was such a memorable event. Kudos to the team behind it.

About Cooking for Cause 

Cooking for Cause has been helping vulnerable communities since its inception in 2019. With its initial Thirst Project for building freshwater wells in Uganda, Cooking for Cause has since made tremendous strides in helping Ekal Vidyalaya to aid the educational institute in its efforts to transform rural India by providing education. But that is not all; Cooking for Cause has also helped The Faine House, a living program that takes care of adolescents who exit foster care and group care homes by providing them with regular and healthy meals and relaxing activities to nourish their brains and bodies.

Cooking Classes for Change 

Cooking for Cause’s founder and star, Shivi Jain, and the head chef at the Tabla Indian Restaurant, Chef Sajan, joined forces to provide cooking classes, teaching authentic dishes each month at just $25 for two people. Over just a span of five months, Cooking for Cause was able to raise a whopping $5000 with the combined efforts that were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Money that was donated to fund the Faine House and all young adults whom the organization is helping.

How to Become the Part of Change 

You can also be a part of the change by helping Cooking for Cause by contributing to the non-profit’s latest venture. Just head over to our GoFundMe page, make your contribution and spread the word. The proceeds are going to be donated to the Faine House residents. With each initiative you take, another young adult is a step closer to achieving independence.

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