Cooking for Cause Serves Up Hope at the Orlando Cattle Baron’s Ball

The evening of September 9, 2023, was nothing short of magical as Cooking for cause joined hands with the American Cancer Society at the annual Orlando Cattle Baron’s Ball. This heartwarming event was not just a culinary extravaganza but a heartfelt endeavor to make a significant difference in the fight against cancer. Orlando Cattle Baron’s Ball – A Night to…

Savoring Flavor, Sharing Hope: Recap of the Impactful “Taste of Central Florida” Event

Last month, the vibrant and compassionate community of Central Florida came together to partake in an event that not only tantalized taste buds but also extended a helping hand to combat a pressing issue. The “Taste of Central Florida” event, held with the noble aim of fighting childhood hunger, stood as a shining example of how unity, delectable cuisine, and…

From Kitchen To Community: Our Successful Charity Cooking Class Event

Charity cooking class events are a great way for the community to support a good cause. They also provide an opportunity for people to learn new cooking skills and techniques. This was our best charity cooking class event, and it was a success! We started by organizing the kitchen and prepping all of the necessary ingredients. Then, we invited the…

Cooking For Cause Raised over $5000 for Thirst Project, Uganda

Water is a precious resource that is essential for human survival. However, it is also a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce. Today, there is a growing water crisis in the world, with millions of people around the globe lacking access to clean and safe drinking water. The consequences of the water crisis are dire. In many parts of the…

The Diwali Event at Tabla Indian Restaurant a Big Hit

Diwali is the most exciting festival celebrated in India, but the festival of lights was extra exceptional this year, thanks to the initiative by Cooking for Cause, who hosted a beautiful event at the Tabla Indian Restaurant Oviedo. The Diwali event at the restaurant was a massive hit, with loads of people coming in to celebrate the festival, adorned in…

How to Become the Part of Change

You can also be a part of the change by helping Cooking for Cause by contributing to the non-profit’s latest venture. Just head over to our GoFundMe page, make your contribution and spread the word.

Cooking Classes for Change

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